Hafa Original

Hafa Original is a stylish, playful flirtation with our very first hand-crafted range of furniture. Elin has modernised the design by enlarging the slats that were fashionable at the time and transforming them into drawer fronts and drawers. Hafa Original is available in three widths, with a mirror or mirror cabinet. You can choose between real oak veneer, white painted veneer and black painted veneer.



Original högskåp detalj

Plenty of storage.

A beautiful tall cabinet with plenty of storage.Three drawers with push-open function whose fronts harmonise with the basin vanity unit.

Mix Lean Eco mixer

Water Save

We’ve upgraded our washbasin mixers with a water-saving tap aerator that means you use less water.

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Drawers with push-open function

Open with a push-open function

Drawers and cabinets with push-open function.

Original badrumsmöbel

Slats that were fashionable at the time

The beautiful texture of the veneer makes the white painted surface come alive.



Plan your bathroom to reflect the size of your family and don’t forget about storage.

Real oak veneer

Real oak veneer

Remember that oak veneer is a living material and that its shade may change as it reaches full maturity.

Hampton bath

Classic design

A modern take on classic design, just as suitable for an older house from the late 19th century as for a recently renovated 1970s villa.