Their true passion for interior design and experiences means our designers are constantly coming up with new, exciting products for your custom bathroom. Modern styling is combined with high quality and a timeless sense of design.



“Hafa Eden is a range of furniture in a classic, yet customisable design. With inspiration from past and present trends, I’ve incorporated blends of materials, modern detailing and classic lines. Hafa Eden gives you customisable options in different combinations.”

Måns Broman

“Edge is a flexible range that enables you to add your own touch, combine styles and handles and also get a piece of furniture
that looks entirely contemporary and striking. An attractive and functional setting where anything is possible.”


”The Hafa IglooPro™ shower range is designed to be quick, easy and attractive. The challenge was to make installation faster than ever and adjustable. IglooPro™ is a complete range of doors and screens designed to suit both you and your bathroom.”


“Hafa Go is a stylish range of bathroom furniture with generous storage in a matt velvet finish. Whether it’s discreet simplicity or the finishing touch, you can personalise the look with one of our handles. Hafa Go gives you space for all the things you need for a good start to the day”.


“Simple elegance as well as quality and functionality down to the smallest detail. Design that stands out but is still in harmony with the rest of your furnishings. Unique design. High quality. Miniature works of art, pure and simple.”  


“Modern bathroom design is about bringing all the design elements together into a functioning whole. Ideally the designs will interact with the functions. Just the essentials, but with everything planned in meticulous detail. All to provide the best experience possible.”

Andreas Åkesson

“For me, design and function go hand in hand. A product with an elegant exterior but with poor function is not a good design in my book.”